The show

Sirha Europain celebrates French style bakery-pastry

The world of bread is divided into two camps: that of soft, sandwich bread, and that of crispy, like the French baguette. It is indeed all the knowledge, the know-how, the technique, the tricolor heritage which is exported and lived through Sirha Europain, the benchmark trade fair for bakery and pastry.

Suppliers of raw materials, designers of precision mechanics, craftsmen and entrepreneurs: meet around the idea of a bakery, a nourishing pastry that makes sense on a daily basis. Whether it's the first croissant in the morning or the crunchy sandwich for lunch, the pre-dinner snack or the sharing cake: everyone loves the French bakery!

Why exhibit at Sirha Europain

Sirha Europain answers to the stakes of the market


64% of French consumers opt for local products when doing their shopping*
94% would like to see more transparency for the products they buy**

  • Keen for production that is respectful of our environment
  • Preference for short supply circuits
  • Expect transparency regarding the traceability of the products

* Survey Food 360 Kantar 2020 for Sial Paris
** Survey Appinio for LSA, poll with 1002 participants, April 2022

Taste & quality
84% of consumers are prepared to pay more for excellent quality / better quality*
  • Attached to a know-how recognised by UNESCO and to ‘French Bakery’ identity
  • Enthusiasm for healthy quality pastry
*Nielsen IQ Global survey Q2 2021
90% of respondents prefer products free from additives*
  • Seek quality ingredients and raw materials, boasting labels
  • Would like products that are better for our health (less sugar, fat, and salt, gluten-free)
*Survey YouGov for LSA (online polling with 1000 participants, Jan 10-13, 2020)
Catering offering
90% of fast-food orders concern take-away compared to 70% in 2019*
  • Expect to find seats in bakery-pastry shops
  • Looking for healthy and diversified offering for hot dishes, desserts and beverages
*CHD Expert 01/22, 2 NPD 08/21

Sirha Europain gives the floor to professionals who share their know-how

    Conferences and roundtables addressing the main topical themes, delivered by top professionals in their field.
    Innovative and inspired bakers share their vision of modern French Bakery.
    Masterclasses at the heart of the new snacking catering hub.
    Talent and creativity on stage with young pastry chefs committed to a reasoned approach to pastry
    that illustrate the expertise of the whole trade : Bakery World Cup, Schools French Cup, European Pastry Cup
    reward the best innovations featured at the trade fair

Review 2022
  • 300 exhibitors and brands

  • 83 new products

  • 8 Sirha Europain Awards

  • 25,083 professionals, including 3,696 from countries outside France

  • 74 round tables and masterclasses

  • 103 speakers

  • 3 international competitions

  • 70 competitors

Sirha Europain mobilises 497,000 professionals from the Sirha Food BtoB

Sirha Europain has joined the Sirha Food ecosystem, which includes Sirha Lyon, among others, as well as the major Sirha Bocuse d'Or and Sirha Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie competitions. A strong ecosystem that responds to the challenges of rapidly changing markets, where technology and uses are increasingly borrowing from related universes, in a world open to all changes. And since digital is one of the powerful vectors of this millennium, Sirha Europain is also integrated into the Sirha Food application and all of its Sirha Connect digital services, which bring exhibitors and visitors closer together (business meetings, appointments, personal diary, ticket office, etc.)

Meet the bakery, pastry and food service decision-makers

  • Bakeries, independent, multi-shops & chains
  • Pastry shops
  • Pastry chefs
  • Bread outlets & baking terminals
  • Events caterers
  • Supermarkets, industrial bakery, biscuit manufacturers
  • Wholesale, distributors, installers
  • Catering and food trades
  • Key accounts in commercial catering, rapid service food & take-away


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