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Fully in line with the GL events Group's CSR approach, Sirha Food has set up the Sirha Collect scheme, a series of partnerships with associations and community organisations at each of its events.
Thanks to its partners, who are particularly committed to combating food waste, Sirha Collect gives each exhibitor the opportunity to:

  • Donate products surplus to charitable organisations and restaurants
  • Recycle their products by transforming them into new products
  • Recover bio-waste as energy or fertiliser


Sirha Collect Partners for Sirha Europain

La Chorba

La Chorba creation in 1998 on the basis of a simple observation: the number of people struggling to feed themselves is growing, while our consumption system results in a huge amount of food being wasted on a daily basis. Our aim was to act as a link between people in extremely precarious situations and the recovery of foodstuffs that could not be sold, but were still entirely consumable.
25 years later, a formidable human chain is working day in, day out to make all these actions possible. People from very different social, geographical and cultural backgrounds form an incredible melting pot. It's a huge family where everyone makes a contribution, making themselves useful in a spirit of fraternity and sharing.

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Emmaüs Solidarité
Pain de Minuit

At Pain de Minuit, we innovate to create the beer of tomorrow, with craftsmanship and common sense.
In France, we collect unsold dry bread from our partners, which we use to brew Pain de Minuit instead of brewing cereals.
To sort the unsold dry bread collected and prepare a mixture that can be recycled in the brewery, we call on the services of 3 ESATs in France. Once collected, the dry bread is sent to the nearest ESAT, where women on vocational reintegration schemes take charge of sublimating it.
In this way, we help our more than 1,000 partners in France by collecting unsold dry bread, telling a wonderful story by selling our Pain de Minuit beer in their establishments and also contributing to the voluntary sector.

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Refettorio Paris
The Refettorio Paris is a cultural and artistic project that takes the form of a restaurant
gastronomic restaurant.
It was created by artist JR and Italian chef Massimo Bottura.
It is based on 3 components:
1. It is open only to people in precarious situations and social exclusion (nearly 75 guests∙e∙s on average / evening of the week: women, children and men).
2. Gourmet dinners are cooked there using only unsold and surplus food. Nothing is bought! Anti-waste is at the heart of the project's model.
3. The chefs, many of them Michelin-starred, come regularly (twice a week on average) to cook with the resident team & a team of 5 kitchen volunteers and 14 dining room volunteers.

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RE'cycling & UP'cycling to turn waste into resources!
RE'UP puts in place a virtuous circular economy system at every stage of an event, enabling waste to be optimally reused through the recycling and re-use channels of our eco-responsible partners.
Practical, tailor-made solutions to help you take an environmentally-friendly approach.

CSR contact for Sirha Europain

Sophie Eclercy - [email protected]

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