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Streaked chocolatine


Sébastien LAGRUE

LAGRUE Sébastien

Consultant Boulanger Maison LAGRUE

Originally from Rouen in Upper Normandy, Sébastien Lagrue entered the Lycée Professionnel de la Boulangerie-pâtisserie d'Herbouville in Rouen in 1990. In 1992, he obtained the C.A.P. of baker and in 1993 the C.A.P. of pastry-chocolate-glazier-confectioner.
In 1994, he joined his wife Sophie, a baker and pastry chef, whom he had met 3 years earlier at school, in her family bakery in the Hautes Pyrénées (65 Arras-en-Lavedan). This one was founded by his grandfather Antoine Miro in May 1949 and taken over by his parents. Sébastien takes over the bakery as head baker and Sophie as head pastry chef.
Since 2013, they took over the family story as manager with today two outlets, the first in Arras en Lavedan and the second in Argelès-Gazost. The team since 2019 has been joined by the 4th generation with their two sons Anthony and Elian.
Sébastien has been vice-president of the Association "Pâtissiers Dans le Monde" for several years, which is committed to the artisans to promote them and allow them a global exchange.
In May 2019, he won the World Cup of Chocolate Bread, a competition that brought together all the lovers of the "tourier" profession, a discipline particularly appreciated by Sébastien.
Today, in parallel with his business, he shares his know-how through bakery training courses around the world with Viennese pastries in the lead.


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